Saturday, 11 July 2009


This blog was originally intended to be a network, a newsletter, a book, a space for women to come together to work on exciting, entrepreneurial projects. Digital artists, festival promoters, record producers, and women from other areas of the business world - innovative, creative entrepreneurial women - who were barely perceived as entrepreneurs by themselves, let alone the community.

If I hadn't started work on this book, I might never have become a Women's Enterprise Ambassador, or travelled to New York last Summer to interview some of the city's most entrepreneurial, creative women. More on that later.

But if I hadn't wanted to set up a social enterprise, I would never have started working on this idea for a book. So since that trip last August I've spent less time working on 'the book' and more time on the reason I became an entrepreneur in the first place. Which I'll be talking more about later, too.

The main point is: I'm so glad to be writing this again! And want to hear stories from other girls and their exciting, dynamic projects! Email me on

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