Saturday, 18 July 2009

London School for Social Entrepreneurs

In April this year I started a year long programme as a student at the London School fo Social Entrepreneurs. It's been a very challenging and inspiring time, and I can honestly say they are providing some of the best entrepreneurial support I have ever received. I'm really honoured to have a place on the programme and am studying with some truly inspiring people. You can read about the school, its alumni and students at

I'm part of a 20-strong group of like-minded 'social entrepreneurs', in itself is a powerful mechanism for boosting support networks. These are brilliant, inspiring projects that really make things happen at a grassroots level. While my project is all about inspiring creativity and positive change in the global community, others are growing projects that serve their communities, or change the the world - from working with street gangs in London, to pioneering herbalism and natural health. It really is a joy to see and be around so many positive people.

I'm intrigued as to what the next year holds for me, described by one course facilitator as 'a gift to yourself'.

I'm going to use this blog to chart my progress, and flag up useful moments that really helped or challenged me as am sure other creative women out there on an entrepreneurial path could benefit. And I'll be interviewing other hip girl entrepreneurs and creative women on key issues, to continue working on my book.

PLEASE NOTE - guys are also welcome to read this blog - I'll do a book someday called 'The Hipster's Guide to Being an Entrepreneur' for both boys and girls.

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