Saturday, 18 July 2009

Social Center Occupants - Evicted

Sadly, the night before its public launch, occupiers of the new Social Centre were evicted by a troupe of 20 police clad in riot gear. It's amazing how anarchic community spirit inspires such heavy police attendence, which must cost the tax payer enormously - when the police are proposing levvying a charge to man community events, complaining of a lack of resources, threatening the continuation of events at the heart of Cambridge culture, such as Strawberry Fair. Clearly so short of resources, that they can afford to evict a bunch of community-minded, resourceful, creative activists within days of occupation.

Occupants say: 'We expect that this building in the centre of our city will remain empty for an indefinite amount of time, as has the previous social centre site on Mill Road, owned by Tesco, and an increasing number of properties in the area. At the same time, artists, musicians, community groups and local people struggle to find spaces to meet, socialise and put on events.'

Our community is desperate for creative space in one of the most esteemed cultural cities in the world. And as long as there are empty buildings going to waste and there are groups needing somewhere to rehearse, make art, have meetings, and see performances, this kind of occupation will continue to be seen as an attractive, and logical solution to a very real problem. Access to creative culture repressed in any society is immoral.

Is Cambridge facing a creative revolution?

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