Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Joy of Small Things

2009 has been a truly busy year for me. I decided to focus energy on Positiveworld Studios while studying at the School for Social Entrepreneurs in London - the reason I became an 'entrepreneur' in the first place, so have spent less time working on my Hip Girl's Guide to Being an Entrepreneur. This means have taken part in, or organised nearly 15 art exhibitions and creative events this year. That's a lot. A hell of a lot. But it's been worth it.

Balancing private creative practice with more social, shared work - like putting on shows, teaching or serving your community is a juggling act most creative entrepreneurs, writers and artists face. But I cannot stress more, just how gratifying it has been seeing our Positiveworld Studios grow from what was simply an idea, a couple of artists, a few empty rooms in a building, and a clutch of ideas for shows - to what is now a working creative hub with members as far away as Peuorto Rico.

What is exciting and rewarding is seeing the creatives we nurture flourish. We as artists or creatives often work in isolation - but as one of our artists commented to me: 'what is art without the people? It's the people that bring it to life'.

I interviewed Yoko Ono for a show we did for Peace One Day in Septemeber this year. Can art really change the world? I asked her. Yes! Yoko replied. Yes. Art can change the world - in sometimes small ways. Personal transformations, moments and private inspirations are the stuff that much larger 'art revolutions' are built upon. Our first major group show - Transforming Space, helped us create another creative space for the community in Cambridge. Our artists also sold around £1500 worth of work to the public. But it would never have happened without all the small things people did to help.

It's important to share in each others' successes. It's also important to stop and work on the small things that lead to bigger things. Dreaming of big things and doing small things every day is a discipline. Keeping your head down and paying attention to detail is an art. I'm spending the rest of this year doing exactly that - enjoying the small things that make projects work. Thinking of the future.

On the wall in Positiveworld Studios are two lists: A List of Small Things, which spans 3 sides of A4, and A List of Even Smaller Things. It has two things on it. One of those things is organising a Christmas get together at Positiveworld Studios. There will be a Christmas tree. That's one small thing I am sure of. And mince pies: small bundles of joy ...

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