Sunday, 6 December 2009

Creating Studios, Hubs and Creative Incubators

'Yes, feel free to call me - I've worked with lots of creative hubs before and would be happy to help'. 'I can give you an afternoon to informally advise you'. 'Yes, please call'. 'Try this'. 'Read about this model'.

This week some of the UK's most successful creative spaces, studios and individuals experienced in setting up hubs have been offering their time and expertise to me. I met Vanessa Swan, CEO of Cockpit Arts, whose success story is an inspiration to designer-makers everywhere. We Are Sustain's director, kindly showed me their club, photography studio and exhibition space - and talked me through the pitfalls of managing a warehouse space in Shoreditch. I spoke to countless other spaces, including Wysing Arts, St John's Innovation Centre, and the JUDGE business school, and started to look at other projects similar to Positiveworld Studios elsewhere in the UK. Chichester's Unity Arts Trust, and a warehouse project led by a CIC up in Leeds, and UK Business Incubtaors.

I'm amazed at how willing people are to lend their ideas to help me with trying to create better creative platforms, workspace and and studios in Cambridge. I feel a bit obsessed with studios at the moment, and have renamed my job title Ruthie Studio Geek Collins.